Nukes Online launched

Now that corona is keeping everyone at home, we need to find new ways to get drunk. Nukes now supports you with Nukes Online: Lockdown Edition!

The online game offers play with a normal Nukes deck, including the Space Race from the expansion. Best of all, it's free to play :)

What are your waiting for? Invite your friends to an online game of Nukes!

What it's about

Nukes is all about bluffing to make the other players drink as much as possible while trying to protect yourself from drinking too much! Will you use nukes to be the aggressor, will you use spies to gather intelligence or will you sit back and wait for a target to sabotage? Whatever strategy you choose, be wary of the radiation level as the stakes will increase in the late game!


Nukes can be played either with a normal deck of cards, including two jokers, or with a deck of Nukes cards*. Next to the cards you need a die and plenty of drinks!

* Nukes cards can soon be ordered through this website. Are you interested to get your hands on a prototype before that time? Just drop a message to

A Nukes deck consists of the following cards:
  • 2 Saboteur (Joker)
  • 4 Nuke (Ace)
  • 2 JFK (Black King)
  • 2 Stalin (Red King)
  • 4 Spy (Queen)
  • 4 Defector (Jack)
  • 4 Cleansing (10)
  • 4 Hacker (2)
  • 28 Civilian (3-9)
Explanation of the cards can be found in the card reference.

You can find a printable version of the complete rules and card reference on the rule booklet page. The rules may seem a bit complex at first, but really, it isn't rocket science. Here is what you need to know to play.

Quick play guide

Each turn consists of five steps:

  1. You play a card or discard a card if you don't want to play anything. Cards are played face down and you announce which card you play and who or what the card targets. You can bluff any card in the game. See Playing details.
  2. Resolve the played card if it isn't bluffed or hasn't been called. Nukes and leaders are put into play and other cards are discarded after their effect.
  3. Launch any nukes which you have controlled since your previous turn.
  4. Draw a card to fill up your hand to three cards. If the draw pile is empty, the discard pile is shuffled and it becomes the new draw pile.
  5. The next player takes his or her turn. Turns are taken in clockwise order.
At any time, face down cards in play can be called. Cards that have a one time effect can be called before their effect is resolved. See Calling details and don’t forget to drink!


  1. Shuffle all cards and deal three to each player, which only they can look at.
  2. Put the remaining cards face down in the center of the table, this is the draw pile.
  3. Put the radiation counter at level one.
  4. Make sure everyone has drinks!
  5. The player who last got drinks starts the game.

End of the game

The game ends when the radiation reaches level five, which means four nukes have been successfully launched. Of course the final level of radiation can be changed to fit your play group.

Just try it!

Play will be smoother if someone from your group reads the detailed rules beforehand. For the others, the game will quickly become clear as you play! You can reference all the rules as you play and the need arises.

You can bluff any card you want, so it may be useful to keep the card reference at hand as you start exploring the game.

Playing details

Cards are always played face down and remain face down unless they are called. As long as a card is face down, it acts completely as the card the owner says it is, even if it is bluffed. If it resolves face down, it will remain face down while being discarded.

Nukes and leaders are put onto the table when played and remain there until otherwise stated. Other cards have a one time effect and are immediately discarded after play.

Calling details

As long as cards are face down, before they are resolved, they can be called at any moment. A called card is turned face up. If the card is bluffed, it is discarded and the owner of the card drinks equal to the radiation level. If the card isn't bluffed, the caller drinks equal to the radiation level.

Radiation & Drinking details

When anyone has to drink, the number of gulps he or she drinks is determined by the radiation level. The radiation level is represented by the radiation counter die on the table, and it is increased every time a nuke is successfully fired.

Leaders affect the number of gulps caused by your cards, and this effect is cumulative, i.e., controlling three leaders means people drink three extra gulps for your cards.

Note: Leaders also affect how much you have to drink yourself if a nuke you control is sabotaged!

Card reference

This is a reference of all basic playing cards. The expansion cards can be found in the rule booklet.

Nuke (Ace)

Put this card into play face down and aim it at another player.

When you own this Nuke for one whole round, launch it at the end of your turn; then discard it. The target's neighbors drink according to the radiation level and the target drinks one more.

The radiation level is then increased by one.

Leaders (Kings)

JFK (Black King)
Stalin (Red King)

Put this card into play face down.

When people drink due to your cards or due to falsely calling your cards, they drink an extra gulp.

If you control both JFK and Stalin, defectors can't steal your cards.

Spy (Queen)

Look at another player's hand or look at a face down card in play.

Defector (Jack)

Steal one card in play from another player.

If you steal a nuke you can re-aim it.

Cleansing (Ten)

Choose a player, he or she shuffles his or her hand and openly shows a random card from it. That player discards that card and then draws a new card.

Civilian (Three - Nine)

Civilians can't do anything, so use them to bluff!

Hacker (Two)

Re-aim one Nuke, it can't be aimed directly at its controller.

Saboteur (Joker)

Destroy one card in play.

If a Nuke is destroyed, the Nuke makes its neighbors drink according to the radiation level and its owner drinks one more. The radiation level isn't increased.